Interviewing with many companies at a time made easy.

What makes Recruit unique?

  • Recruit was created to make the most of YOUR time.
  • Instead of answering the same questions each time you interview, jobseekers on Recruit answer interview-style questions to build your profile.
  • Hiring managers browse candidates and when vieiwng your profile see all of the information that would normally only be compiling by the end of the first or second round of phone screens.

What is Recruit?

  • A common-app made for talent to make it seamless to get noticed at start-ups.
  • A simple and powerful platform for job seekers and recruiters.

How do I get started on Recruit?

Who is Recruit for?

  • Jobseekers looking to find a Technical, Design, Marketing or Business development role at amazing U.S. companies.
  • A member of the talent team at an awesome company looking to finally find a platform to source intelligently for your positions.